Frequently asked questions

During our years of service we’ve noticed that people tend to ask us similar questions.
Here we compiled our top 10 most frequently asked requests!

Do you offer vegetarian items on the menu?



Sure, we serve the Impossible burger and have a portobello burger as well as vegetarian soup and salads.



Does your restaurant have other locations?



Not yet!



What’s your policy on bringing one's own alcohol in?



We do not encourage this – we have a great selection of beer and fine wines to choose from.


How many tables do you have?



We can seat 30 in the dining room, 12 around our motorcycle tire tables and we have plenty of barstools along the bar.



Do you offer themed parties hosting?



Give us a call to discuss your private party needs



Can I bring my pet in?



Unfortunately we are not pet friendly

Do you offer catering services?



We do not offer catering at this time.



Can you join the tables for me if my party size exceeds 8-guest seats per table?



Sure. But we will appreciate if you will book table (s) beforehand in such a case.



Any other questions? Please Contact Us